Individual quiche (approx 4”) made fresh on the day with local free-range eggs. We are able to make most combinations for you, but some of the more popular fillings are; Cheddar with Sweet Apple Chutney / Ham & Emmental / Mozzarella, Pesto & Pinenut / Brie & Cranberry / Feta or Mozzarella with Kalamata Olive. £2.00 each.

Handmade Cocktail Items
Pork Pies 99p each
Sausage Rolls 45p each

Homemade Salads
Waldorf Salad
Carrot Salad
Pasta Salad
Potato Salad
Picture above courtesy of
The Weald & Downland Museum

Freshly baked white or brown baguette. 60p

Meat / Salami / Salmon / Pâté
Sussex Reared Free Range Ham £1.80/100g
Wiltshire Ham £1.50/100g
Milano Salami £1.95/100g
Chorizo £1.95/100g
Fennel Salami £2.25/100g
Serrano Ham £3.50/Pack (100g)
Pastrami £2.10/100g
Turkey £1.95/100g
Handmade Chicken Liver Pâté £2.50/100g
Scottish Smoked Salmon £3.25/Pack (100g)

Approx. 30 different cheese’s cut fresh from the deli counter, including several from Sussex .

Kalamata Olives - Pitted in oil and herbs.
Cocktail Vinci - Large green pitted olives with peppers and mushrooms.
Harlequin - Mixed pitted olives in a light brine of garlic and pimento.
House Olives - Mixed pitted olives marinated in a sweet oriental sauce.

Shop Items
Italian olive oil breadsticks - £2.75
Cheese Palmiers - £2.75
Tyrrell’s hand fried crisps; (Salted, Cider vinegar, Roast lamb,
Cheddar & chive, Worcester sauce, Ludlow sausage, Garden herbs) 69p
Handmade Fudge - £1.75 / pack (100g)

Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Cloudy Lemonade, Ginger Beer,
Cream Soda, Dandelion & Burdock - 65p
Elderflower Pressé - £1.20
Sussex Organic Farm Pressed Apple Juice or
Pear Juice 250ml - £1.20 1Lt - £3.50
Fresh Orange Juice - £1.20
Fentimans ‘Old Fashioned’ Ginger Beer, Lemonade,
Seville Orange or Cola - £1.25
J 20’s - £1.10
Appletizer - £1.10
Still / Sparkling Water (500ml) - 75p
Fruit Shoot/Peter Rabbit Apple & Grape Juice - 75p
Gran Stead’s ’Homemade Style’ Still Lemonade - 330ml - £1.20 1Lt - £2.95
* Although not suitable for a picnic, we serve a great range of hot drinks (latte, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate etc) in take-away cups.

Homemade Cakes
Victoria Sponge £2.25/slice
Lemon Drizzle Cake £2.25/slice
Chocolate Sponge £2.25/slice
Fruit Cake £2.25/slice
Shortbread £1.10
Caramel Shortbread £1.20
Tiffin (chocolate, biscuit, fruit) £1.30
Maple & Walnut Flapjack £1.20
Chocolate Krispie Cake £1.10
Muffins/Cup Cakes (various flavours) £1.30

Please call into the shop or call us on 01730 813400 to order your picnic. There is no ‘price per head’ or ‘set menu’.Just order the particular items you require.

Please try and allow us as much time as possible when ordering, (especially with larger orders) ideally the morning before, although if you decide at the last minute to have a picnic, please call us or pop in to the shop and we will do our very best to cater for you. If you are having a very simple picnic, for example a few sandwiches, bag of crisps and a drink, we can usually cater for this straight away, although a quick call just beforehand may save you waiting at busy times.

All picnics will be packaged in disposable bags and containers. If you don't plan to eat your food soon after collection and you have a cool bag and ice packs, please bring these with you and we can transfer them on your arrival. Alternatively, we have cool bags and ice packs to buy which will then be yours to keep.

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