IN THE YEAR OF THE CREDIT CRUNCH more and more people are finding new, exciting ways of relaxing with friends without spending the earth. One of these is picnicing; or more precisely picnicing in a local park, or one within an easy drive from home.

Comestibles Deli and Community Café of Midhurst have launched Picnic-in-the-Park, a new service to meet the needs of those wishing to enjoy our many wonderful outside spaces in West Sussex: the parks of Cowdray, Petworth, Goodwood, Stansted, West Dean Gardens and The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum. Picture on right courtesy of Kailash Raj - Shiva Family.

All these parks and open spaces have interesting events throughout the season ranging from music, art, historical re-enactments, and Tudor cookery to plays and ploughing contests with Shire horses. We are listing by date all the events on these pages beginning with those at Cowdray Castle and Cowdray Park.

We operate on a first-come-first-served basis. For any event we may have several dozen picnics to prepare. Please make sure your picnic is ordered well in advance of the event and agree with us a time for pick-up from our premises in Church Hill, Midhurst, opposite the War Memorial - see picture at the bottom of the page.You may order a picnic by phone provided you pay in advance by leaving us your credit card details.[See Ordering - click here]

About Comestibles.
We are a delicatessen and café - a family business run by a brother and sister, Brendon Davies and Beverley O'Kelly. We feel strongly about our community and give a wide welcome to all our clients and friends who enjoy socialising with their shopping, having a meal together or meeting to discuss common interests. If you're new to Midhurst, Comestibles is the place to find friends and to build a wonderful social life. But it is also the place to get those special treats for the family like a large goey chocolate cake or a hot fruit chutney - all the usual specialities of a delicatessen. We have a 'Wall' where we display school art - currently an exhibition on Tudor Buildings by Conifers School - and a community noticeboard for Friends of Midhurst. Anyone may join Friends and post photos, adverts and community events. Friends of Midhurst is also a Facebook Group. Please join.

Our first Friends include a Foyle's War fan from South Australia - Foyle's War was in part filmed in Midhurst in 2006 - and a relative of H.G. Wells living in Ontario, Canada

A foretaste of other 'goodies' in store for the Autumn are our Picnics for Children's Parties - please look in shortly when this page on Party Ideas is up and running.

Red Lion St , Midhurst, West Sussex.
Opposite the War Memorial
Tel: 01730 813400
email: a2bpb@hotmail.com

Comestibles is to the left of the War MemoriaL


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