To all who live or work here, or know us from afar, the Midhurst Area is a very precious place
and it retains a sense of community which makes it special. Villages like Easebourne, Stedham, Bepton, Cocking, Grafham, Lickfold, Lodsworth, Henley, the Hartings, Rogate and even Lurgashall and Fernhurst constitute the Midhurst Area because they share so many similar values and problems.

Friends of Midhurst has been formed to enhance, support and promote local business and community by bringing together under one roof everyone with a common interest - including the Midhurst diaspora and well-wishers around the world. It doesn't matter whether your reason for coming to Midhurst is polo, walking, mountain biking, Cowdray, a wedding or a holiday. You're invited to join Friends of Midhurst - and yes!, share your experiences

Comestibles Delicatessen and Café is our first Meeting Place though certainly not the last!; and we’ve a Noticeboard which members may use more or less for what they like: posting pictures, events, ads, requests, invitations and news.

For those who like the Internet we’ve an Open Group in Facebook called Friends of Midhurst. Anyone may join and invite others. We hope to build a network of at least 1000 members over the next two years – with your help – and use this for strengthening community bonds, keeping everyone informed of events, issues which need addressing, the latest news from members and very importantly broadcasting our 'charms' to the wider world. In conjunction with Midhurst Pages. the Town & Community Website - we're an off-shoot - we're promoting the Midhurst Area in many different ways from the vigorous and energetic activities like polo and MTB to the more relaxing Doggy Days Out and Wild Swimming.


We want to help individual businesses as much as possible in an even-handed way. But we're only prepared to circulate details to the membership if the event is of sufficiently wide or unusual nature to interest just about everybody. We also don't want to irriate our members with wacky or frivolous messages or be seen to play favourites with some establishments.

A 'Book Swop' Night at the Feathers wouldn't qualify, a Music Festival at Cowdray almost certainly would. If your pub, restaurant or venue has something special to offer we'll find a way of promoting it. You may be a dog friendly pub with a big garden Work out a local doggy walk and we'll include in in Doggy Days Out which is promoted nationally through Dog Friendly Britain.

We're always looking for top musical events with outstanding musicians. If you host these regularly we'll tell everyone and provide a link to your website, blog or Facebook Group.

Restaurants with exceptional food will go in our GOOD FOOD AND RESTAURANT GUIDE - the most poular guide on the net in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. The Duke of Cumberland is our latest provisional entry.

Reciprocation is the name of the game. You want help. We'll give support, provided you build FRIENDS, the community network in return.

Events at Cowdray will feature highly. But, it could be a shop opening, a celebrity wedding, music or drama festival or a new product or service - even your world travel in the aid of a worthwhile cause. Anything really interesting: Foyle's War Filming for example.

Please join Friends of Midhurst, ask your friends and neighbours to do likewise, upload good pictures - we've already got about 160 - and link to your website, blog or Facebook page; contribute to the 'wall' and generally get involved. We especially want youngsters to come on board and contibute news and pictures of their sporting activities: hang-gliding, running, orientering, MTB, lane cycling, football, rugger, horse riding, archery, gliding - the whole works!

Now for the very serious stuff:

1. The CDC want to remove our FREE parking. Inspite of a huge rejection by the community when they tried this on before They obviously hope to wear us down.

2. WSCC appear to be insisting on the MGS site being used in full as the Academy site inspite of the town's need to have development land for new 'assets' to rebuild our lost critical mass.Lord Cowdray is willing to chip in land in an overall settlement in which sufficient land is allocated for essential development - perhaps a new part of the town like Poundbury in Dorset - Prince Charles' creation. We propose that a new arts-media centre for 50-75 top media types be built close to Midhurst on WSCC land. A below ground concert hall intially earmarked for the Bepton Quarry area with Lord Cowdray's consent may be better included with the arts-media centre. But there won't be anything at all if we don't arrest the headlong development of the MGS site as the Academy beacuse the only alternative is to build assets further out which may suit the Cowdray Estate but less likely to provide a major benfit to the town's shops, businesses, restaurants and pubs.

The future of Midhurst is now being decided by faceless bureaucrats behind closed doors and the Cowdray Estate. We're not really getting a look in. There is a democratic deficit. Are you prepared to tolerate this? Join FRIENDS and register your opinions. Let's all work together and find a way forward. People Power is bound to impress.

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